Services We Provide

1. Spay/Neuter and Vaccinations

All dogs are fully vetted to include spaying/neutering, worming and vaccinations, including rabies, heartworm testing, flea/tick control, and microchipping.

2. Lost and Found

We offer assitance in recovery of lost, strayed or stolen animals.

3. We assist the dog warden by taking animal picked up as strays

These animals at times are starving or injured and in need of care and medical treatment.

4. We assist animals during owner's stay at Safe Passage

We provide shelter at no cost for animals of domestic violence victims during their stay at Safe Passage in Batesville, IN.

5. Shelter at no cost for pets of hospice patients or terminally ill individuals

We provide shelter and care at no cost to animals of hospice patients or terminally ill individuals, who can no longer care for a pet. Should the individual go into remission or recover to the point of once again caring for their pet, the animal will be available. Upon death of a person, we will find a loving forever home for the pet. As each situation is unique, arrangements must be made through the facility manager.

How You Can Help us

 Would you like to help the animals, but just don’t have the time? 

We have many different ways that you can help. From monetary donations to desperately needed supplies, there are many ways that you can help keep our shelter running successfully.  

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Ways To Help